Casualty@Risk: Product Safety – Health & Safety – Environment

New technologies, increasingly interlinked value chains, and global regulations challenge our customers' profitability, shareholder equity, and sustainability. Litigation can make liability claims ever more costly and pose reputational risk. Regardless of industry, we help our customers ensure the reliability of operations. AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants provides custom casualty risk management strategies and solutions based on our experience in nearly every industrial sector.

Our liability Risk Consultants use recognized methods to identify deficiencies in customer production processes, procedures, and contracts. On the basis of their ratings, we help build loss prevention strategies through prioritized improvement measures. Our Risk Consultants will analyze occupational health and safety systems and product safety processes. Our customers also benefit from consultancy in the areas of environmental impairment and rehabilitation of contaminated sites.

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants makes technical risks understandable to non-technicians, and our ambition is to facilitate decision making processes related to risk control and risk transfer. Through analysis of extensive claims data provided by AXA Group entities, we have unique insights into risk and risk reduction. Further, we will apply predictive data analytics to identify customer-specific insights and propose innovative solutions.