Fire Loss Prevention

Our Risk Consultants conduct insightful risk consultations and assessments at customer locations to identify and analyze the risk of property damage or loss. Our Risk Engineering Report contains a loss prevention action plan aimed at protecting company assets - people, buildings, equipment, and goods - along the entire value chain. Working with Insurance and Risk Managers, we offer cost efficient solutions to minimize damage and disruption to our customers' business.

Fire Protection Consulting

Whether based on insurer's recommendation or compliance needs, capital decisions to install fire protection or detection systems in facilities are an excellent approach to prevent losses and protect company assets. AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants provides specialized advice to equip industrial, commercial, or warehousing facilities with an appropriate and cost efficient system whatever the type of industry and occupancy.

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery breakdown Risk Consulting applies to machinery intensive industries such as steel, aluminum, pulp and paper, and power generation. Boilers, pressure vessels, and associated electrical and mechanical equipment are analyzed by specialized boiler and machinery engineers. The field survey leads to a Risk Engineering Report providing risk mapping and grading.

Natural Hazards

The majority of natural hazards are predictable and inevitable, but many losses are also preventable. Our Risk Consultants support our customers in building adequate Emergency Procedures to mitigate the risk and a Disaster Recovery Plan to limit Business Interruption to an acceptable level. Risk mapping is an important step in assessing and evaluating a company's exposure to natural hazards. Our Risk Consultants identify and quantify natural catastrophe exposures around the globe as they relate to our customers' value chain. With the help of our mapping tool, Visio@Risk™, we can create solutions and presentations designed for internal and external communication needs.