Account Engineering

The Account Engineer is responsible for the relationship with our customer and acts as the overall main point of contact for the full range of services delivered to that client. Our Account Engineers are selected based on their industry experience and understanding of the particular customer’s business. Working in close cooperation with the customer’s Risk Manager, the Account Engineer is responsible for the following:

  • Analyzing and defining the customer’s global risk consulting needs with respect to the relevant business sector and its potential exposures
  • Advising our customers on the implementation of a consistent and efficient risk management program, policy, and standard operating procedures.
  • Leading the dedicated service team, ensuring that all locally assigned field engineers have been properly matched to the customer, are fully versed in the customer’s business, and understand our commitments and obligations.
  • Organizing and coordinating the service programs covering all risk areas, ensuring consistency and quality worldwide
  • Providing project management and progress reporting, consulting on potentially critical situations, and delivering tailored solutions and innovative decision making.

At AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants, the Account Engineer builds and maintains a trusted advisor relationship with our customers.

Risk Consulting more than just conducting surveys in facilities. Our customers often have many plants and varying operations spread around the world. We provide a comprehensive and global vision of customer risks.

  • How do customer risks relate to customer business priorities and trends?
  • What exposures and constraints do their entities face locally?
  • What can we learn from and apply local or regional solutions?
  • How do these risks fit into the corporate risk management strategy?
  • What is the required investment to control the risks?
  • What are the priorities?

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants supports our customers to drive a pragmatic management of their risks, based on an intimate understanding of our customer business priorities and goals.

Our Risk Consulting services cover the following areas: