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Vigie – CrimEval

According to Europol, the prejudice from freight theft globally reaches EUR 8,2 billion. Experts agree that this figure is still growing, especially in the current context of economic crisis. Freight theft is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for manufacturers of valuable and sensitive products and their logistics service providers consequently. Equipped with powerful communication tools, organized crime moves on to various modus operandi to achieve their goals using violent attacks on vehicles, premises and personnel.

Also related to security, fraud risk becomes as well one of the major risks that all organizations are facing. Financial institutions and retail companies are particularly vulnerable often without being aware of it. In 60% of the cases failures in internal processes remain undetected.

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants is involved in all business sectors and skilled to detect and assess security weaknesses as a whole. Our Security specialists are looking forward to support you in developing a pro-active risk management approach.


The growing use of increasingly sophisticated information technology establishes new parameters for industry, trade, traffic, and transport. For large companies, this opens up new business opportunities, but also threatens their information security, especially when sensitive data or industrial systems are involved.

Against this backdrop, AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants, in partnership with Airbus Defense and Space Cybersecurity, provides loss prevention programs to avoid or reduce potential damages caused by cyber related events. We examine and assess the protection of critical assets such as industrial systems, traceability systems, financial control systems, and logistics management systems.

Given the enormity of the threat, cyber risks must be rated as risks of the highest level. AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants and Airbus Defense and Space Cybersecurity join their expertise and methodology to support decision-makers facing this new occupational risk.