Stay ahead of your risks with AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants delivers a comprehensive range of risk management and consulting expertise to match the unique risk profile of your local and worldwide operations. Our global network of professionals combines proactive and comprehensive collaboration to help you identify current and future risks while providing pragmatic solutions to optimize and control risk. The AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants risk approach is independent, flexible, and transparent. We focus on empowering our customers to improve business results and protect brand value.

Whatever your business, AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants will help manage your total cost of risk, and be better prepared for a profitable and successful future, staying ahead of your risks.

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants' Global Service Principles

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants' Global Service Principles

What makes us different?

AXA MATRIX Risk Consultants is a worldwide consulting organization specializing in the delivery of risk consulting products and innovative customer risk control solutions and tools. We are part of a global brand that has been the highest rated in our sector for five consecutive years.

We work collaboratively with our customers and trading partners to deliver a highly focused consulting service that will reduce the probability of property and casualty risks and business interruption losses, minimize the severity of any such losses, and ensure the continuity of business operations.

  • We have industry experience in near to 20 trade sectors such as: Building industry, steel and aluminum, cement, glass, mining, power generation including nuclear energy, chemicals, pulp and paper, electronics and semiconductor, telecom and IT, defense and aerospace, motor vehicles and parts, plastics, wood, food, retail, transportation. This stimulates industry insight and ensures a pragmatic, results based approach.
  • Our dedicated service teams are led by an Account Engineer with extensive and direct experience in the customer’s industry. Our dedicated teams are fully familiar with customer operations as well as customer management and staff and will provide reliable and consistent suggestions and local partnership.
  • Multi-risk expertise, including fire, machinery breakdown, construction, natural hazard, casualty, health and safety, product safety, environment, motor fleet, marine and transport, and cyber risk.
  • Global service Quality Standards (ISO 9001 accreditation in major offices) sustained by systematic training programs.
  • We provide our customers a web-based data management system: Access@Risk©.